Tsadeyohdi Denise J. Waterman to continue Education and Philanthropy work

Contact: Vince Schiffert, Board of Directors, vschiffert@nwcsd.org
Date: Monday, December 22, 2014

Denise WatermanHaudenosaunee – Iroquois Nationals Executive Director, Ms. Denise Tsadeyohdi Waterman today announce she will complete her 2 term position at the end of the year.

“Denise Waterman has been a remarkable leader for the Iroquois Nationals”, stated Vince Schiffert, Board of Directors. Denise will continue her service as a member of the Board of Directors for the Iroquois Nationals. A position she has carried as a founding member since 1983 as she continues her primary work as an Iroquois Nationals delegate and representative to the Federation of International Lacrosse, FIL.

As Executive Director, Denise has created a new era of awakening to greater organizational possibilities and accomplishments. Her leadership and devotion to the founding principles assures a common spirit and identity within the international lacrosse community, has been a benefit to all. In 2010, Denise was part of the collective force that reaffirmed the fundamental concepts of nationhood and sovereignty during the 2010 passport travel document challenge, revealed a true commitment to Haudenosaunee principles.

During her tenure Denise Waterman established and negotiated the 2011 FIL merger initiative for the Haudenosaunee regarding the full nation membership within the world lacrosse organization. She also is widely noted for winning the bid to host the international World Indoor Lacrosse Championships, WILC, under her auspices as Executive Director. The 2015 WILC is scheduled for this next September 18th-26th located upon the Haudenosaunee territories at the Onondaga Nation and Buffalo, New York.

Denise effectively executed 3 world team programs to successfully participate with medal honors in the World Lacrosse Championships in Czech Republic – 2011, Finland – 2012, and in the United States – 2014 for the Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse organization.

The Nationals Indian Education Association also recognizes Denise Waterman for her leadership skills as a 2014 recipient of the National Community Service Award this year.

As Executive Director, she aided in the crafting of key initiatives that proved vital to the dependability and development of the Iroquois Nationals organization, such as the youth lacrosse development provision that brings attention and accountability toward the well being of future generations fostering growth and maturity. The successful international petition campaign to reinstate the Iroquois Nationals into the elite WLC Blue Division in 2014 is a momentous achievement that secured their position among ultimate teams globally. In addition, the interactive technology project in 2014, integrated Iroquois Nationals into officials and referee committee program, rules, and policies 2012. Support for international lacrosse exhibitions and collaborations continuously advocating and symbolize important standards of ethics within the Iroquois Nationals and beyond.

The Iroquois Nationals do acknowledge her dedicated leadership, ethics, and positive direction that will be genuinely appreciated among Haudenosaunee lacrosse players and enthusiasts for generations to come.

Denise Waterman said, “I enjoy the application of Haudenosaunee ideology manifesting itself through the Iroquois Nationals team allowing the entire world to see, learn, and feel the pride of indigenous peoples and lacrosse enthusiasts from every corner of the world.” “I want to thank the managers, staff, and coaches who have volunteered their time, while highlighting and elevating the expectations for our native youth in the Iroquois Nationals programs. I wish to thank my family for their time, energy, cultural diligence and continued support for myself and the game of lacrosse. And I wish to acknowledge the hard work of the board of directors and for their enduring lacrosse spirit.” I wish to say

“Niawenha” to all the people who supported and contributed to the Iroquois Nationals during my tenure – as your generosity and act of kindness supported numerous youth programs and organizational initiatives is truly appreciated.”

Board of Directors said,” The future of the Iroquois Nationals program has been protected, thanks to the vigilance and character and truth of Denise Waterman that is the energy, the positive leadership that is the inner wisdom that provides us a view beyond ourselves at no expense to others. We are grateful for her attention and fortunate for her time as Executive Director, Nyawen.”

The Iroquois Nationals will seek a smooth and seamless transition in leadership. Following the official posting of the position tomorrow, the search and interview team will announce the successor, which is expected in mid-January.

Since the establishment of the Iroquois Nationals lacrosse program in 1983 there have been 10 Executive Directors: John Wesley Patterson genhen (Tuscarora Nation, Springfield College, Massachusetts), Sid Jamieson (Mohawk Nation, Cortland State), Kimball Patterson genhen (Tuscarora Nation, Niagara University), Travis Solomon genhen (Onondaga Nation, Syracuse University), Dave Bray(Seneca Nation, Cornell), Ms. Barbara Barnes genhen (Mohawk Nation, St. Lawrence University), Leo Nolan (Mohawk Nation, Syracuse University), Vern Doctor(Mohawk Nation, Syracuse University), Dr. Percy Abrams (Onondaga Nation, Syracuse University), and Ms. Denise Waterman (Oneida Nation, Syracuse University).

Denise Waterman held the position of Interim Director for 6 month in 2010, and in December of 2011 the BOD appointed her as the tenth Executive Director. She is the first Oneida Nation member and the second women to hold the Executive Director position for the Iroquois Nationals. Denise continues her work as a teacher at the Onondaga Nation School currently serving as a mathematics specialist. Denise has been a member of NIEA, NYSAWA, Cornell Native American Advisory Committee, the Ohngwe Project, and a curriculum consultant, presenter, and writer for NYSED and various not-for-profits. Denise Waterman plans to continue her administrative and philanthropy work with educational, cultural, and sport orientated programming for youth and adults. Onenh.