Thank you world for giving back to the Iroquois

As Honorary Chairman of Iroquois National Lacrosse it is my duty and privilege to thank the national lacrosse teams and your organizations from around the world for your overwhelming support of the Haudenosaunee-Iroquois-the originators of this game.

This was the first real test of the Federation for International Lacrosse (FIL) Board of Directors on fair play. This game that transcends sports, is a lesson to one and all that first, we are a family. Dehontsigwaeh (Lacrosse) is the Creators Game.

This game transcends playing days-teams-and even nations, it is generational. All those that pick up the stick and all those that support the game are comrades in spirit. We must remind ourselves we are in service to the game and all decisions require full participation by all those involved.

The spirit is embodied in the wooden stick. The wood represents trees and the natural world that supports all life. The leather, gut and sinew comes from the deer the leader of all animals and their world that supports us. The ball is the medicine and it will go where it will. We the players provide the spirit, strength and integrity of the game as one with the universe. That is why we insist the wooden stick continues in the international contest. This is to ensure that the original spirit of the game is maintained.

So again we thank you the world, for giving back to the Iroquois. Our people deeply appreciate your support for fair play and continuity.

So let us prepare for the coming games and “play on”! as the saying goes. With great respect for all the national teams of the FIL, and the Board of the FIL – Nyawenha (Thank you).

In peace,

Oren Lyons, Honorary Chairman
On behalf of the Haudenosaunee Teams, Staff, Coaches and Board of Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse.

Gewas Schindler
Bob Liff :