Recap: Iroquois Nationals Celebrate 10th Annual U19 Tourney

Haudenosaunee Territory, Buffalo, New York

This year Iroquois Nationals celebrates its 10th Annual Haudenosaunee Nations Cup Junior Field Lacrosse Tournament held this past year in Buffalo, New York. The field lacrosse tournament provides a show case for Native American high school and junior college lacrosse players.

Highlighting his year’s athletes is an opportunity to advance players into the collegiate environment at the Division I. II, and III institutions. The tournament has long held the importance of dialogue and the disseminate information for the NCAA Clearing House, SAT, and ACT requirements for college athletes. The number of collegiate coaches and lacrosse media coverage was once again substantial this year for the tournament.

The Haudenosaunee Nations Cup (HNC) U19 Field Lacrosse tournament produced another great lacrosse final as the Red Rebels from Six Nations are crowned the 2014 HNC champions.

The 2014 Directors Mike White and Vince Schiffert represent the Iroquois Nationals. Mike White said, “It is important that we reach out to our talent pool and gather the current numbers we have coming up through our community development programs.”

The tournament included teams from Tuscarora, Six Nations, Tonawanda, and the Alleghany Haudenosaunee communities. “It was great to see all the different communities represented”, said Vince Schiffert.

The Haudenosaunee Nations Lacrosse tournament turns 10 this year, and it was conceived and established by the preceding directors: Gewas Schindler, Shannon Booth, and Ansley Jemison who are tenured members with the Iroquois Nationals program.

“This tourney is just the beginning of the process of team selection for the Federation of International Lacrosse 2016 U19 Lacrosse World Championships in Coquitlam, Canada on July 7 – 16, 2016”, said Mike White.

Here is a pictorial recap of teams and players in the Iroquois Nationals 2014 Haudenosaunee Nations Cup Tournament.