Iroquois Official Roster for 2014 World Championships

The 2014 Iroquois Nationals announce their 2014 roster that will be competing in the FIL Championships in Denver, Colorado. The team consists of players from the Haudenosaunee communities and two players from the Ojibwa and Cherokee Nation.Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse

“Making this National’s team is quite an accomplishment,” said GM Gewas Schindler. “From top to bottom, our athletes were competing at the highest level to make this team.”

The Haudenosaunee communities have continued to evolve with players with collegiate field lacrosse experience. In 1983, the first National team had a small handful of players who played college lacrosse. In 2014, the Haudenosaunee team is full of player with collegiate experience.

“Our field lacrosse experience is going to help us tremendously,” added Gewas. “Not only do we have a record number of players on our team who played collegiate field lacrosse (18), but most have played on Division I teams. We also have players who are playing at NLL (5) who are great all-around players as well. And I almost forgot that we have a pair of Dewataladon (Tewaaraton) Award winners.”

The Nationals will open their 2014 FIL championships in Denver on July 11th when they play Team England. Good luck to the players, coaches, and staff as they play our Creator’s game.

1 Adams, Myan Mohawk

2 Bomberry, Adam Mohawk

3 Bomberry, Brendan Mohawk

4 Bucktooth, Brett Oneida

5 Bucktooth, Kevin Jr. Seneca

6 Harris, Vaughn Mohawk

7 Hill, Alex Mohawk

8 Hill, Travis Tuscarora

9 Hill. Warren Mohawk

10 Jamieson, Cody Mohawk

11 Lazore, Mike Mohawk

12 Miller, Zach Seneca

13 Montour, Tom Mohawk

14 Pointe, Craig Mohawk

15 Shattler, Jeff Ojibwa

16 Smith, Sid Cayuga

17 Smoke, Taylor Mohawk

18 Staats, Randy Mohawk

19 Thomas, Oakley Mohawk

20 Thompson, Lyle Onondaga

21 Thompson, Jeremy Onondaga

22 Thompson, Jerome Onondaga

23 Thompson, Miles Onondaga

24 Thompson, Ty Mohawk

25 Vyse, Roger Mohawk

26 Ward, Marty Cherokee

27 White, Jeff Oneida