Iroquois Nationals Teammate Chris Gaylord Powless Passes

chris_powlessThe Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse are saddened with the sudden passing of our Iroquois Nationals teammate and friend Chris Gaylord Powless of the Mohawk Nation.

Chris Powless genhen was a member of the 1999 Iroquois Nationals Bronze Medalist U-19 Team which traveled to Adelaide, Australia. Chris received a Bronze Medal as a formidable member of the Iroquois National’s first-ever Federation of International Lacrosse World Championship medal team. Chris Powless was selected to the Iroquois Nationals Men’s Team that returned to compete internationally in Perth, Australia in 2002.

Chris Powless genhen came from a long line of lacrosse athletes’ as he is the son of the late Gaylord Powless genhen and grandson of late Ross Powless genhen – Haudenosaunee legendary lacrosse athletes.

We have been fortunate with knowing Chris Powless as a friend and as an Iroquois Nationals. Within the Haudenosaunee cultural traditions, we understand the Creator has called upon Chris Powless genhen at this time to Captain a team for an enormous lacrosse game held in his honor in the Creator’s Land.

To his wife Jessica and family, the Iroquois Nationals are honored knowing Chris Powless, he was kind, intelligent, and an honorable man, and he will always be remembered as an Iroquois Nationals.


The Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Family