Iroquois Nationals give back at Onondaga Nation School

20150924_144855-1aThe Iroquois Nationals had an opportunity to give back Thursday afternoon, loving every second of it.

So did the students and staff at Onondaga Nation School.

With a rare off day during the FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championships, the Iroquois Nationals players and staff visited the local school.

“It was really cool,” Iroquois Nationals goalie Mike Thompson said. “The kids were pretty pumped. We all got a kick out of it. Doing things like this is a lot of fun.”

The players went to different classrooms and got a chance to interact with the students, who were treated with a gift from the team that was able to get autographed.

“The kids are thrilled,” OSN principal Diane Elsworth said. “  As soon as the students heard the Iroquois Nationals are coming, they were so excited. They idolize these guys. I watch thechildren at this school. They’ll be outside and say how they just did a Lyle move, or a Miles move. You also hear the kids at school talking about their own games and saying how they tried something that they’ve seen these guys do. This is really special for these kids. It is something they’ll never forget.”

The school’s principal said by coming in and being with the students is a special experience for them.

20150924_135023“The kids idolize different athletes, but never get a chance to meet them up close and talk to them,” Elsworth said. “On a day like this, the kids see their idols in a different way. They know they are these great lacrosse players. But today they see them as a bunch of guys that want to hang out with them. You can see the connection they all have with the students. It’s great to see.”

Iroquois Nationals general manager Landon Miller sees that connection between his players and the students. It’s something they’ve all felt throughout the tournament. And with an experience like this, it’ll only make that bond stronger.

“Going to the school is great,” Miller said. “It’s a perfect opportunity for the team to give back to the community. These are the kids supporting our team during this.

“Their support has been amazing,” he said. “Hearing the kids and fans at the games really gives the guys that added boost. It’s a great thing for the guys to go into the classrooms and be with these kids. It’s great for the students but it’s also a great thing for the players.”




Darryl Smart,

Media Relations, Iroquois Nationals