Iroquois Nationals Behind the Scenes: Part 3

The Iroquois Nationals were able to avoid two consecutive days of awful weather and emerge Sunday sitting at 2-0 leading up to an important game against Canada Sunday night.

With two games under their belts, the Iroquois appeared to be well on their way to competing for a medal. The team put on a wild display against Japan in a 24-9 win. During that game, I felt like I got what I was hoping for these past few years in looking forward to the Iroquois taking the field again and bringing together some of their very best players who’ve become elite college and pro players since the 2010 mishap.

I still haven’t had a chance to sit down with him and talk at length, but it certainly felt like a special opportunity to stand alongside Chief Oren Lyons during the Iroquois’ bushwhacking of Japan. Watching Warren Hill in the cage, I couldn’t help but wonder what type of impact the Six Nations product could have next year at Syracuse University. Knowing the answer, I asked Lyons who the last Native American goalie was to start at Syracuse.

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