Haudenosaunee June 30, 2016 – The Iroquois Nationals are proud to announce the Final Roster of 27 players for the 2016 Federation of International Lacrosse’s U-19 World Field Lacrosse Championships. This year Canada serves as FIL’s 2016 Nation host as was the Haudenosaunee Nation in 2015.

The Iroquois Nationals roster includes a perfect balance of collegiate, prep school, and high school athletes representing Native American territories.  These 27 indigenous youth lacrosse players will participate in the Under 19 World Lacrosse Championships held in Coquitlam, British Columbia on July 7 – July 16, 2016.

The lacrosse tournament offers live stream viewing as the Iroquois Nationals squad prepares for their first international game on July 8th against England.  This game is scheduled for full competition at the Percy Perry Stadium at 7:30 pm.

For additional information on the U-19 World Lacrosse Championships, view the tournament website.

Gia:ji /NameNationTerritory   
Liam AndersonTuscarora NationTuscarora
Tyler ArmstrongMohawk NationAkwesasne
Sekawnee BakerSquamish NationSquamish
Brody BartellCherokee NationCherokee
Matthew BennettOnondaga NationOnondaga
Tyson BomberryOneida NationSix Nations
Percy BoothSeneca NationOnondaga
Devon BuckshotOnondaga NationOnondaga
Chaunce HillSeneca NationTonawanda
Owen HillSeneca NationTonawanda
Cam HornMohawk NationKahnawake
Doug JamiesonMohawk NationSix Nations
Ron JohnSeneca NationSeneca
Mitch LaffinOnondaga NationOnondaga
Colyn LyonsMohawk NationOnondaga
Teioshontathe McComberMohawk NationKahnawake
Jonah MohawkSeneca NationSeneca
Tehoka NanticokeMohawk NationSix Nations
Tonatiuh SalinasTuscarora NationSix Nations
Chase ScanlanSeneca NationSeneca
Austin StaatsMohawk NationSix Nations
Jerry StaatsMohawk NationSix Nations
Trevor StaceyMohawk NationKahnawake
Skye SundayMohawk NationAkwesasne
Larson SundownSeneca NationTonwanda
Skkylar ThomasMohawk NationAkwesasne
Sherman WilliamsSenecaSeneca