Skanonh “A Haudenosaunee Greeting of Peace”,

“Niawenha” is a Haudenosaunee word to express a thanksgiving acknowledgement of kindness.

In the spirit of the lacrosse sovereignty, we ask if you would support the Iroquois Nationals teams and program as they prepare for the World Lacrosse Championships. You can make a charitable tax-deductible contribution to the Iroquois Nationals through our nonprofit affiliate of 25 years, the American Indian Institute, 501(c)(3) U.S. Federal Tax I.D. #81-0339551.

Just use the PayPal button at Iroquois, American Indian Institute, or Please enter “Iroquois Nationals” as the purpose of your contribution. We can also be reached by mail at: Iroquois Nationals, TshaHonnonyendakhwa, 326 Route 11, Box 360, Onondaga Nation, via New York 13120.

For more information contact: Iroquois Nationals, Denise Waterman, Executive Director, Text: 315-439-1960, or Eric Noyes, Executive Director: American Indian Institute, phone: 1-406-587-1002. Done:toh.


Board of Directors, Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse

Donations: 501(c)3 Contribution Address:

American Indian Institute
Att: Iroquois Nationals
502 West Mendenhall Street
Bozeman, Montana 59715

Contact: Lisa Sutton, Director of Finance

Telephone: 1-406-587-1002