9News Denver: Iroquois Nation ready for World Lacrosse Championships

Via 9News Denver
By Aaron Matas

It’s a sport they were born to play.

“It’s more than a game to us. We are brought in to this world and given a traditional wooden stick so that right there shows the value of lacrosse to us,” said Iroquois National team player Miles Thompson.

The Iroquois Nationals went through a traditional field blessing at Denver East High School on Monday in preparation for the World Lacrosse Championships.

“We take tremendous pride in this game and this tournament and who we are and our heritage and our culture. It’s spiritual to us. We like to call it a way of life,” general manager Gewas Schindler told 9NEWS.

Making this team is something players dream about from a very young age and that includes University of Denver sophomore to be Zach Miller

“Growing up as a kid I got to experience the pride the community has for the Iroquois Nation every time they go out and play. To finally be a part of that, this is what I always wanted,” said Miller.

Also known as The 6 Nations they are credited with creating the sport. The national team is here in Denver for a tournament they intend to win.

“It would mean everything,” Miller told 9NEWS. “Show the world whose game it is. It would be an honor to win it.”

The Iroquois Nation opens up the World Lacrosse Championships on Friday night against England.