2015 WILC Schedule Announced

Haudenosaunee – The game line up for the 2015 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships is announced for this September 18-27th by the Federation of International Lacrosse.

Thirteen teams representing the countries of the Czech Republic, Israel, Serbia, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Australia, Finland, USA, Canada, England & the Haudenosaunee Iroquois Nationals will vie for the coveted trophy of World Lacrosse Champion during the week long international tournament

The Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse organization won the bid to host the world games early on in 2012, the Czech Republic hosted the games in 2011, and Canada hosted back in 2007.

Each of these previous world championships brought the Canadian and the Iroquois Nationals Teams head to head for an exciting fast paced box lacrosse contest. A sure rematch for these two teams will be during the round-robin schedule on Sunday, September 20th, game time scheduled for 5:00 pm at the Tsha’Hon’nonyen’dakhwa’ Sports complex located on the Onondaga Nation, Haudenosaunee, it will be a worthwhile match for the lacrosse enthusiast.

This year breaths opportunity for a new world champion – look at the complete game schedule for your favorite international lacrosse game. Done:toh

Friday, September 18th
9:30 AMIsrael v SerbiaTsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
12:00 PMIreland v GermanyTsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
10:00 AMSwitzerland v TurkeyGahonhsa' Pavilion
1:00 PMAustralia v FinlandGahonhsa' Pavilion
7:00 PMOpening CeremonyWar Memorial Arena
8:30 PMIroquois v USAWar Memorial Arena
Saturday, September 19th
11:00 AMFinland v SwitzerlandTsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
2:00 PMTurkey v AustraliaTsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
5:00 PMCzech Republic v EnglandTsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
4:30 PMSerbia v IrelandGahonhsa' Pavilion
7:30 PMGermany v IsraelGahonhsa' Pavilion
Sunday, September 20th
10:00 AMFinland v TurkeyTsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
1:00 PMUSA v Czech RepublicTsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
5:00 PMIroquois v CanadaTsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
9:30 AMSwitzerland v AustraliaGahonhsa' Pavilion
12:30 PMIsrael v IrelandGahonhsa' Pavilion
3:30 PMGermany v SerbiaGahonhsa' Pavilion
Monday, September 21st
10:30 AMGreen 1 v Red 2Tsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
1:30 PMRed 1 v Green 2Tsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
4:30 PMUSA v EnglandTsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
7:30 PMCanada v Czech RepublicTsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
11:00 AMGreen 3 v Red 4Gahonhsa' Pavilion
2:00 PMRed 3 v Green 4Gahonhsa' Pavilion
Tuesday, September 22nd
10:30 AMLoser G1/R2 v Loser R1/G2Tsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
1:30 PMWinner R1/G2 v Winner G1/ R2Tsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
4:30 PMEngland v IroquoisTsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
7:30 PMCanada v USATsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
11:00 AMWinner R3/G4 v Winner R4/G3Gahonhsa' Pavilion
2:00 PMLoser G4/R3 v Looser R4/G3Gahonhsa' Pavilion
Wednesday, September 23rd
4:30 PMEngland v CanadaTsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
7:30 PMIroquois v Czech RepublicTsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
Thursday, September 24th
1:30 PMRG6 v RG8Tsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
4:30 PMBlue 3 v RG2Tsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
7:30 PMRG1 v Blue 4Tsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
Friday, September 25th
10:30 AMRG4 v RG7Tsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
1:30 PMBlue 5 v RG3Tsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
4:30 PMWinner B4/RG1Tsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
7:30 PMWinner B3/GR2Tsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
11:00 AMWinner RG6/RG8 v Loser RG5/RG3Gahonhsa' Pavilion
2:00 PMLoser B4/RG1 v Loser B3/RG2Gahonhsa' Pavilion
Saturday, September 26th
9:00 AMLoser game 37 v Loser game 38Tsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
12:00 PMWinner game 38 v Winner game 37Tsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
9:30 AMLoser game 36 v Loser game 35Gahonhsa' Pavilion
12:30 PMWinner game 35 v Winner game 36Gahonhsa' Pavilion
3:00 PMU17 Demo TourneyTsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
4:00 PMExhibition Game Gahonhsa' Pavilion
5:00 PMExhibition Game Tsha'Hon'nonyen'dakhwa' Arena
6:00 PMExhibition Game Gahonhsa' Pavilion
Sunday, September 27th
1:00 PMBRONZE MEDALCarrier Dome
4:00 PMGOLD MEDALCarrier Dome
7:00 PMClosing CeremoniesCarrier Dome